Cambridge Therapist Teresa Blevins

cambridge therapist teresa blevinsTeresa Blevins, Ph.D. a Massachusetts licensed therapist (psychologist). 

Teresa's doctorate in Counseling Psychology is from Auburn University and she completed her pre- and post-doctoral training at Texas A&M University and The University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 

Teresa has presented her research on using humor in therapy, multicultural competency, and the impact of reality TV on adolescent views of sex and drinking at conferences and is published in professional journals. 

She enjoys working with individuals, couples, and groups to explore the experiences of their lives and the impact on their mood, relationships, and general well-being—this work is rewarding and this work is challenging. Self exploration in a safe, non-judgmental place leads to a greater awareness of patterns and reactions, and with awareness comes the power to change something (or not) in our lives. 

Teresa's clinical work is based in Adlerian Theory, which focuses on encouragement and figuring out how to use our strengths as we move forward in living, this incorporates some exploration of the past as well as tools for moving forward like increasing mind-body awareness (Mindfulness) and Cognitive Behavioral techniques. She works to meet the client where they are and create a safe space for exploration and self compassion. Teresa has worked extensively with individuals and groups struggling with depression and anxiety, body image and disordered eating concerns, struggles with identity and changing phases of life, and survivors of sexual assault. 

Additionally, she is passionate about prevention and education around mental health concerns and how we can better connect and care for ourselves and others, and she is a certified Laughter Yoga Leader! "Ho-Ho-Ha-Ha-ha!"